Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Friday, January 17, 2020

I Am Enough

I have this issue where I can’t really get into what I’m doing if I don’t believe it’s authentic. Why trail run? It’s not like Wisconsin has mountains. Why teach yoga? Despite practicing yoga for 17 years and taking my first teacher training 12 years ago, my college credits and experience is in dance. Why ask for a promotion? There are people out there who are better than me. I am not authentic enough in these ways, I didn’t take the right path, or I don’t live in the right place.

Kettle Moraine State Forest - Northern Unit

In my search for authenticity, I bring myself down. I hold myself back. Because I don’t think the place, thing, or person is authentic, I don’t engage, and the only person that does a disservice to is me. I hurt myself.

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My only goal for this year is to conquer my greatest nemesis, which is Imposter Syndrome. Each year in January and throughout the year, I will document attainable goals in my personal journal with an action plan of how I am going to be successful, and then I implement that plan. It’s a healthy habit; I have actually been journaling since childhood (thanks Harriet the Spy!) and I’ve been setting goals since I was 14, around the same time I started practicing yoga. This year is uncharted territory because I’m doing this in the way that I learned is not the best way to make goals. I’m going to make a goal that I believe I can will reach, but I don’t yet have a pathway to achieve it. It’s also my only goal, and I don’t know yet how to measure it.

I go way back with Imposter Syndrome--let’s call it “IS”. My buddy IS taught me that all the hard work my college degree took didn't mean anything. It told me that even though I made a difficult professional dance team in college, and managed to do well in school while working full-time, was out of luck and had nothing to do with talent. It made me believe that I could only ever ask for or want an entry-level job. It made me think that no matter what I do I couldn’t be an awesome mom. IS made me question what I know to be true.

I’ve decided to ditch IS this year because it’s as toxic as smoking. (That’s arguable.) I won’t let it define me or hold me back from the goals I’ve been wanting to pursue for half my life. We all have to start somewhere, and I’m not in the mood to back down. 

In 2020, I expect more running and cycling races, yoga, teaching, and community outreach; more engagement with my alma mater. More networking with friends and coworkers. Expect that I’ll be doing my best while trying to fend off fear. How? Not sure. I’m just going to trust it will all work out.

Do you ever feel this way? 

News: I am enough.

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