Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Friday Dirt and Bloody Mary Yoga

Today is Sunday, which is one of my favorite days of the week. I reorganize my mind and possessions for the week ahead. This day in particular is also daylight savings, so a time of change and brief disorientation. In the spirit of change, this weekend I've been incredibly busy preparing for the inevitable spring and summer months.

"The Buzz About Bees"
This past Thursday I realized that it was time for me to take a day and focus on spring prep. I was partly inspired by a brief seminar I went to with my dad on Tuesday about beekeeping. My dad started a hive last year, and this year he will have three. My daughters and I have been invited to help him with the hives while learning the ropes. Keeping bees is a difficult but rewarding job, and I'm happy to take on the challenge, considering all the benefits to the world and community beekeeping can give. I've been preparing through research and starting some bee-friendly plants to help with honey production. (Don't worry, a more thorough, future blog post about novice beekeeping will be in the works.)

I requested Friday as a vacation day, and I made the most of it. I started my morning by running necessary errands, like dropping off the kids at school, cleaning my car, and shopping. I picked up some organic potting soil, seeds, and went home to start my seedlings. Thinking about what my husband usually cooks for dinner (since he's the family cook), I decided to start tomatoes, spearmint, and chives. I also planted lavender (for luck, and the bees,) and I picked up a plant for my desk at work.

Digging in the dirt, even though inside, was an amazing escape. It gave me energy, and I was able to shuttle three trunk-loads of clothes and other excess household things to secondhand stores throughout the weekend. I rearranged to create more space in our home. I slept so well on Friday night. 

Saturday, I took my daughter, Audrey, to dance. Afterwards, I fit in a really quick workout. I tried the row machine for the first time, since it was recommended to me as an excellent cross-training exercise for biking. (I'll be competitively mountain biking this summer.) I spent the balance of the afternoon with my family, and I slept really well, once again! 

I am grateful for the extra hour of light we have in our day today. In celebration of daylight savings, and my dating anniversary with my husband, we went to a beer and yoga event at a local restaurant. After a weekend of work, and physical exercise, ending the break with a Bloody Mary and some carbilicious food was well-deserved. Namaste. 

My takeaways from this weekend are simple.

1. Give more to have more. 
2. Soak up the sunshine every chance you can. 
3. Dig in the dirt, wherever dirt may be.

- Samantha  

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