Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Monday, April 28, 2014

Body Worlds & The Power of Doing Things

I believe in the power of staying active and doing things. Yesterday my husband, daughter, and I went to the Body Worlds exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum. The exhibit was far less creepy that I expected. It was educational and surprisingly uplifting. The walls contained positive and humorous passages that promoted healthy living. There was so much information; I could have spent the entire day going through each area reading about and studying the awesomeness that is our bodies. 

Here's the postcard I bought. 
In my opinion, the exhibit was respectful as well. I know there is controversy surrounding Body Worlds, but for me this exhibit promoted health, happiness, education, and the truth of mortality. As I walked through the room I challenged myself to be conscious of all the people who volunteered to be there. I wondered what a conversation with these now-famous people would be like. Had the skateboarder guy ever tried skateboarding before? What were their names? What were their professions? What made them decide to donate their bodies to science? 

Audrey loved the butterflies, although her sleepy eyes might not let you see that!

After we went through the exhibit, we toured the museum. Audrey loved the Butterfly Exhibit, and at one point she started babbling at a mounted gorilla. She lifted up her hand toward the gorilla as she was speaking. This made me think about our connection with animals. (Do you think she thought the gorilla was a human? What does her friendliness say about our relationship to primates?) Interesting!

After an exhausting couple of hours, we left for home and other errands. Our visit was short, sweet, humbling, and provoked a lot of questions.

One of the things I remembered reading at the exhibit was how important it is for people to maintain a healthy level of activity. I'm not only talking about exercise. There was a picture of an elderly woman driving a car, and the caption talked about how she stayed physically active and was an active member of her church. It's important to keep the mind and the body busy! Our bodies are like vehicles; we're meant to move. If a vehicle sits for too long, it rusts, and the parts wear down. Our bodies are no different in that regard. We're meant to move. 

We went to the library last week! Total Cost: $0.00

Yes, activities can cost money, and not everyone has the same luxuries or available resources, but not everything has to cost money. (Furthermore, if I do spend money, I would rather spend on experiences versus material objects.) A few weeks ago we went to the Milwaukee County Zoo, the Birth Without Fear conference, and a couple special church services. Next week we're going to the library for family night, and we're taking along my niece, Leland. Take a look around at what your community offers for free and for minimal cost. Go for a walk. Journal. Find time in your schedule to try something new. Staying active keeps us alive.

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