Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Making Your Visions a Reality

As much as I adore my Amazon Kindle Fire and Pinterest, there is something about organizing my interests and reading tree-books and magazines that still intrigues and soothes me. I have decided to show you how to organize some of your interests in order to make your interests and visions a reality! You can put these collections on your bookshelf, in your kitchen, and even in your bathroom. Note, this is different from simply making a collage. Here is what you will need:

Construction paper (regular paper is fine, but I prefer the durability of construction paper)

A pair of scissors

Some of your favorite magazines

A sharpie and other drawing supplies if you want to decorate

Glue stick and/or tape


First decide what some of your interests are. The ones I initially chose were makeup, fashion, and wellness, but that changed later to cooking, beauty, and wellness. Find some of your favorite magazines to get the images from; I chose Allure, Self, and Yoga Journal.

I pasted the pictures onto the corresponding construction paper and put them in the folder. I also found some perfume that I really liked, so I cut the strip out of the magazine and wrote the name of the perfume on the sample. I tucked those strips into the beauty folder for future use. The cooking folder was very fancy, so don’t feel like you need to buy Betty Crocker binder. I placed the new recipes I found in the book and I now leave that in the kitchen. Finally, I found a lot of how-to articles in my Yoga Journal and Self magazines, so I took those out and put them in a folder that allows for me to stick a legal pad in there. I'll bring that to the gym to record my workouts and progress.

I hope you all find your interests, make folders, and take advantage of images! Cooking, working out, and getting ready in the morning can all be a little easier because you can organize your how-to content. Digital portfolios are very fun and intriguing, but there is simply something about paper, cutting out what you want, and physically handling and seeing what you want to achieve. Happy folder making!