Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trick Yourself into Exercising

Motivation to exercise can be difficult to obtain. Not only do you have to plan exercising around your work day, but sometimes you have to wake up at hours earlier than normal to achieve your fitness goals. Here are some ways I trick myself into finding motivation to work out (PS - You don't NEED a gym membership for all tips).

Six Tips to Trick

1. Sign up for a class at the gym with limited space. Doing this will make you feel obligated to attend because you have an “appointment.”

2. Find a workout buddy! Sometimes you need a little push. A friend who shares the same goals as you (key: who shares the same goals) will help you, and you, in turn, will help your workout buddy.

3. Train for something. Whether you are training for a marathon, trying out for a team, or becoming a member of a bar volleyball league, create a goal to train for something.

4. (#3 and #4 go hand-in-hand) When you make goals for yourself, be specific. For example, "I will run the Chicago Marathon in August of 2011." If you simply say you are going to lose weight, you will lose motivation and tell yourself, “Well, I wanted to lose weight, and I guess I lost 5 pounds, so I can stop now,” or whatever the case may be.

5. Wear workout clothes when you are cleaning the house, and keep dance music or the Discovery Health Channel playing on your TV. When I wear my workout clothes, I want to SWEAT! There is something that clicks within me that inspires me to be active. So, if I’m cleaning, I will finish cleaning (I usually work up a sweat) and I’ll play a workout DVD or play my Kinect to get my blood pumping.

6. Invest in Xbox Kinect. I am not a spokeswoman for Kinect, but having the Kinect for Xbox has made a major impact on what I do with my free time. I play Dance Central, and I don’t even realize I’m working out because I have so much fun; however, I get tired, I still sweat, and my heart rate increases, thus it tricks me into working out.

No matter why you want to work out, sometimes finding motivation can be tough. Take these tips I have created from experience and use what works for you! Add new ideas into your own list to continue tricking yourself into working out.

Good Luck!
Samantha Nichole

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