Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Visual Journaling

I have always loved to write, and I have always loved journaling! Recently, I started journaling visually. What I like to do is take pieces of magazines I like, movie ticket stubs, or anything sentimental (but not fragile in any way) and paste it into my journal.

I truly wish I would have thought about doing this when I was a teen; I always had random notes and pieces of paper that meant something to me. I was infatuated with beauty and color. In fact, I still am.

Try this journaling method! It relieves stress, it’s a fun way to pass time, and it will help you see what your values and interests are.

Here is an example of my most recent journal entry:

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PS – I wrote on the magazine during work – I wanted to write but I didn’t have my journal. So, I simply cut and pasted my writing into the journal. I didn’t lose any of my thoughts, and it looks very interesting.