Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello Fall!

Dear readers,

As many of you have dreaded, today is the first day of fall - but don't fear! Fall is a great time to do many things. Consider this list:

1. Clean out your space: Don't let clutter overrule your life. Make sure that you have enough space to breathe, relax, and function!

2. Take a walk outside: Winter is approaching soon, so take advantage of the calm fall weather. Yes, the days are becoming shorter and cooler, but cool days are for going on a walk or taking hike, especially if one lives in the city.

3. Pick out a pumpkin: Although Halloween is a few weeks away, go ahead and pick out a pumpkin; if this one rots, get another later!

4. Assess your goals and make new goals: Summer was a great time to soak up the sun, feel good about yourself, and make future goals. Have you made those goals yet? What goals would you like to make for the fall?

5. Give back to the community: Any time is a good time to lend a helping hand. No money? No problem; donating money isn't the only way to help your community! Donate your TIME by picking up garbage, volunteering at a homeless shelter, or meeting a "little brother or little sister" at Big Brothers Big Sisters.

If you are stuck and don't know what goals to make, consider these:

1. Become more organized by keeping one planner.
2. Make sure to practice yoga daily
3. Talk to family once per day or every-other day
4. Enjoy the outdoors by going outside once per weekend (at least!)
5. Save money by only going out to eat once this month

Good luck with everything!

Samantha Nichole