Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Story Behind "The Serenity Room"

When I started this blog I thought that it would be an interesting development. I was right! For the past two years I have been thinking to myself, “what am I going to do with my life?” and “what am I going to do with my life that is meaningful?” I finally found my calling, and it involves my ever-existing goal of owning a business.

In 2003, when I was entering my freshman year of high school, I tried yoga for the first time. I was auditioning to be a part of the Campbellsport High School Dance Team, and I hadn’t danced for nearly four years. Yoga was a great choice – it gave me strength and flexibility. When tryouts came I made it! I was so excited; I had a boost in self-esteem, and I developed healthy eating habits, exercise technique, and a love for sports.

I graduated high school in 2007 and continued my education at Alverno College in Milwaukee. Alverno is a liberal arts college on the south side of Milwaukee. They have a unique interactive grading system as well as an awesome reputation for success in the classroom. In 2008 I tried out for the Milwaukee Bonecrushers’ “The Crush” Dance Team, and I made it. It was also during that time that I revisited yoga and enrolled in an instructor training course with the Wisconsin Athletic Club. My temporary certification was valid for the WAC, and after being hired I would have to obtain my national certification within a year. Unfortunately, after completing the six week program I decided that juggling school, work, and a gig as a professional dancer wouldn’t allow me the time to complete the national certification.

Being a member of “The Crush” Dance Team was a thrilling experience, and I had a lot of fun and met many people, but I needed a challenge. I tried out for the Milwaukee Bucks Energee! Dance Team (NBA) the following year. This was my second attempt at becoming a member (I did not make it in 2007 after high school graduation), and, with much effort, I made the team.

Energee! was very different from The Bonecrushers; we were required to be available for all home games (42 total, but not including pre-season), two three-hour practices per week, and various appearances. On top of it all, we were also required to learn a large number of routines – we were only allowed to repeat the routines three times, and we did two routines per game, plus short fourth-quarter routines. In addition, there were only 12 spots available per game, so our team of 20 members had to audition for each game. Nevertheless, as much as I loved dancing there was too much stress involved.

In 2009 (beginning of my second year on the team) I started practicing yoga again, but this time it was to quiet my mind. I was starting my junior year of college, working on campus, and working as an Energee! Dancer. I needed something to calm me down, and I found it.

Yoga definitely worked. This past year on the team I felt more alert during practices, I was grateful for all the experiences, and my heart was in dancing again – I lost the love for dance in all the stress of my rookie year. After finding out that yoga was what kept me sane, I decided that dancing and yoga are two very important elements in my life, and I really want to share these experiences with other people.

This past spring semester was when I started seriously exploring the option of a wellness center. I studied my resources including books about yoga, yoga magazines, and began attending classes again. Finally, I have found one of my many paths in life.

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My old apartment (where the name came from) was near the Brewers Stadium.

I brainstormed the name of my wellness center a few days ago at Moon Dance CafĂ©. My friends and former roomies Katie and James were meeting me for coffee. When the three of us lived together we stayed in a two bedroom apartment on the south side of Milwaukee, and it contained a living room with a bay window. Katie placed one of her decorative items above the entrance to the living room, and it was a sign that said “Serenity”. From that moment on I called our cozy living room “The Serenity Room”, and the name stuck.

After Katie, James and I parted ways I began driving to work. When reminiscing listening to Radio Milwaukee, it finally clicked: The Serenity Room is going to be the name of my business. My EUREKA! moment has continued to grow, and in a colorful notebook I have been jotting down notes about location, layout, services, and mission of “The Serenity Room”.

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88.9 Radio Milwaukee was our radio station of choice.

You wanna know the awesome thing? No matter where I go, or what I do, there will always be a serenity room somewhere.