Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fitness: The Benefits of Exercise

Most people believe that the key to losing weight is diet and exercise in moderation, but why should all people exercise?

To begin, exercise is not only important for the sake of appearance – it is also good for the brain. Web MD, a credible online resource for health, said that “exercise can not only reshape your body and make you physically fit, it may also cause positive changes to your brain.” The site also posted a video about a study performed to help prove this theory. Female monkeys were placed on treadmills 5 hours per week for 20 weeks, and they were tested throughout this period. The video stated that “there is a noticeable increase of blood flow to the monkey’s brain during the activity, and that blood flow carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain” (http://www.webmd.com/video/exercise-and-your-brain).

The American Heart Association also encourages people to work out. According to their official website, “physical exercise has many benefits and should be a regular part of almost anyone’s life” (http://www.americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?identifier=11081). The website also suggests the following exercises: brisk walking, swimming, biking, jogging, rowing, cross-country skiing, hiking or stair climbing. Team or court sports such as basketball, soccer, football, tennis, squash and volleyball are also aerobic activities. These exercises are most-beneficial to cardiovascular health. Some other sports, such as golf and bowling, don’t require enough effort to make them beneficial to one’s cardiovascular health.

There are many, many other benefits to exercise, and they are not limited to improving one’s appearance. For more information, I highly recommend the resources listed below.

Fitness.com (a women’s magazine)