Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Monday, November 29, 2010


I am excited to announce that I will be subbing for boxing classes at the WAC; I have been in training for nearly four weeks, and I am finally ready to teach.

In addition to other projects, I am going to be uploading a few how-to fitness videos and/or pictures. These projects are in progress; the required technology is not always available to me.

Take Care,
Samantha Nichole

Monday, November 1, 2010

Keep Your Skin Looking Young, Healthy, and Fresh During Winter

I believe that keeping a healthy face is the ultimate answer to looking young, alert, and…well, healthy. Winter (and fall) is a tough time to keep healthy skin; the weather is frigid – especially in Wisconsin – and the freezing cold weather dries out skin in an instant. From a neutral perspective (these companies didn’t pay me) I will let you know of the products to buy and the process for keeping healthy skin in the winter.

First off, moisturizing the skin (especially the face) is most important. Moisturize your skin and face after taking a shower or washing your face. For my face, I like to use Aveeno moisturizing lotion (dermatologist recommended). The product isn’t greasy, and it works better than any other product I have tried (I have tried several). Sometimes, I choose to moisturize my face, let the lotion dry, and add another coat of moisturizing lotion; in addition, I am not afraid to try anti-aging products even though they are not necessarily intended for my demographic. I feel as though I am preserving my young skin.

After applying moisturizer to my skin and face, I use Aveda’s tinted moisturizer instead of using traditional foundation. Because winter is such a dry and harsh season, using tinted moisturizer helps to keep skin looking fresh while adding color. Furthermore, Aveda’s tinted moisturizer includes SPF. There is a chance of being sunburned in winter – ask an ice fisherman.

My third step is to apply a light coat of powder. Honestly, I don’t care what brand I use, but I found that CoverGirl is a great choice. I haven’t been disappointed, and to add color to my face I simply apply a light coat of bronzer with my blush brush. I occasionally use bronzer as blush; I feel bronzer as brush looks more natural and subtle.

Once I have come up with the appropriate pictures I will add them to this blog entry! Thank you for your readership.

Samantha Nichle