Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Monday, October 4, 2010

The List

This is a list that will allow you to explore what you are involved in, what you would like to be involved in; what you are doing in your free time, and what you would like to do in your free time.

Answer the questions below with your own answers. I have provided my answers as a way to help you see how the process works, and also as a way for me to see and reflect on how I can achieve my goals.


What am I involved in now?

- I am a full-time student (takes up most of my time).

- I have three part-time jobs: The Media Hub (18 hours weekly), The Wisconsin Athletic Club (three hours bi-weekly), and MKTG (occasional employment, but roughly eight hours bi-weekly).

- I am involved in Circle K International (one hour per week for meeting, and volunteer for events).

What categories does each activity fall into?

- Student: School (mandatory)

- The Media Hub: work (mandatory); The Wisconsin Athletic Club: work; MKTG: work. The Wisconsin Athletic Club and MKTG are both jobs I chose because I would enjoy them.

- Circle K International: volunteer work (optional).
Activities that take up the most of my time:

*1) School.
*2) Work.
*3) Volunteer.

What area would I like to improve the most?

- I would like to improve area 3: volunteering.

How can I improve this area?

- Circle K International makes it very easy to volunteer; I will simply continue to look for more opportunities to volunteer.

What are other ways I can accomplish effective citizenship?

- Blog about issues that are close to my heart; I can do that late at night after classes.

- Focus my school work on becoming an effective citizen in any way I can. For example, conduct a research project on women’s issues for a geography class, or focus a news article for newswriting class on an issue I am passionate about.

- Become less of a consumer; buy fewer things (that will also help me save money).

- Practice ahimsa – non-violence – daily. Show people kindness and compassion through my actions.


How do I fill my free time?

- Reading magazines

- Cleaning

- Going on the internet

- Working out / Practicing yoga

Is there anything on this list I would like to do more of?

- Working out / Practicing yoga

Is there anything on this list I would like to do less of?

- Going on the internet

- Reading magazines

Is there anything missing on this list that you would like to do more of?

- Reading books

Is there anything missing on this list that you would like to do less of?

- Consuming alcohol


*Make sure to be as specific with yourself as possible!

- Volunteer more by becoming more involved with Circle K International.

- Make a reading list to complete – also, make a timeframe to finish those books.

- Save money and my body by consuming less alcohol. For example, I will limit myself to one alcoholic beverage when out for dinner, and I will go out to dinner two times per month.

Good luck on your completion of The List!

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