Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Mind & Body by Samantha Nichole

Monday, August 16, 2010

Facebook Page Update

I realized that there wasn't much information about who I am, what I do, and what my background is. So, here is what I published on the facebook fan site.

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I blog about fitness and wellness! Someday (soon) I hope to have my own wellness business with a live location. In addition to acupuncture and massage services, I will offer classes in dance, yoga, and any other format I later choose to add.


I am an undergrad student studying Professional Communication at Alverno College. I have three years of professional dance experience, and roughly 10 years of dance classes and dance team experience. I started taking yoga classes when I was 14 years old. My initial intention was to use yoga to gain flexibility for dancing, however, that intention changed roughly three years ago.

Once I came to college I realized that my stress level had increased; I was working several jobs, taking courses, and dancing. When I began practicing yoga again I started using it as a therapy - something to calm me down before performances, in between classes, and before I went to bed. That's when I said to myself, "I love yoga, and I want to help teach others!"

I took an Instructor Training course in yoga with the Wisconsin Athletic Club. Two years later (today) I was hired by the Wisconsin Athletic Club as a yoga instructor; I am now in the process of obtaining my national yoga instructor certification from YogaFit. It is going to be a long journey, but I look forward to continuing my education in yoga, teaching others, and strengthening my own practice.

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